My Cat is not Vegan: Thoughts?

My Cat is not Vegan: Thoughts?

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At brimstoneSalad's suggestion, I'm starting a thread about my almost 10 year old male cat Berkeley, and my failure to feed him a vegan diet. Berkeley has never been a very healthy cat. He is currently border-line diabetic and is very finicky about what he eats. I know that male cats in particular often end up with urinary tract problems when they switch to vegan cat food, and I'm reluctant to try to convert him. I have no moral justification for paying people to torture other animals for the sake of an animal I happen to love, but nevertheless, I care for him too much to be as ethical as I should be in this case.I looked into an oyster-based diet, but learned that there was something (I don't recall what) in oysters that made them at best a 'sometimes' treat for cats. brimstoneSalad mentioned feeding him a worm-based diet, which had never occurred to me before. I'm excited that "Wild Earth Pets" is apparently going to begin producing dog and cat food from vat meat in 2018and that may be a solution.I'm wondering if anyone here has cats and if you have any insight into more ethical cat foods.

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