Behaviour problem PLEASE HELP!!

Behaviour problem PLEASE HELP!!

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I have had my dog Jackson for about 6 weeks now, he's a mongrel (with a bit of collie and german shepherd in there we think); and I was on here when I first got him looking for tips which seemed to help but now he's going a bit mental and I dont know what to do...At first the separation anxiety was pretty bad, but i dog proofed my living room and when I leave him alone, nothing gets chewed. I have had no complaints from my neighbours so I am ssuming that he is ok that way; he usually sits nice when I get home until I pay him attention and thats good too...he used to chew when I wasn't in the house...but now he chews WHEN I AM THERE. I don't understand this; he chews everything or anything he can get his teeth around. He doesn't calm down; he's NEVER come back to me when I call him so I can't let him run around for agility purposes because he just won't come back. He's began barking at the television if there is ANY noise that isn't humans talking (horses galloping, dogs barking, clicking rattling or even gunshot sounds, car chases...even music gets him barking like mad running around with the hackles rising). He's even began barking at the tv if he see's an animal - it doesnt matter if there is noise coming from it or not. If he gets hyper, he ignores anything i say to try and soothe him. I spoke to my vet about it and all she could say was "it's just silly behaviour" but I have no idea what is wrong with him; or how to calm him down. I know he's just a puppy (9months old now) but i had hoped that after the first couple of weeks living with me he'd be ok. I've had him 6weeks and instead of his behaviour getting better he is getting WORSE. He gets his walks; but not much mental stimulation i guess...i did buy him a kong and i do a lot of reward training to try and keep his mind working; but it doesnt seem to be working at all any more but it used to. I can't keep this up; he paces up and down through the night, he barks he chews...he has selective hearing when we get outside, even recall on an extendi lead is impossible. Oh and his canny collar? The harness thing that goes over his snout? He's ripping it off with his claws and I'm worried he's going to take his eye out.Is this a phase? Will he get past it? Should I be exercising him more or doing more mentally stimulating stuff? I tried the scent thing when you hide his toy but he really doesn't get fact he's never found the toy yet! I honestly do not know what else i can try. He's not aggressive, hes adorable and very loving but his behaviour is gradually getting worse and i really could use as much advice as anyone can give!!

please help

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